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How to judge the quality of briquette machine?
The materials after being pressed by the briquette machines have convenient transportation and storage, which effectively improve the utilization rate of waste, so to bring good economic benefits and social benefits for the big, medium and small enterprises. Therefore, it is widely used in various materials pressing operations such as iron powder, slag, steel slag, iron oxide and refractory materials. In order to judge whether the processing technology of briquette machine is good or bad, it should be judged from the casting materials of the machine, motor configuration and pressure roller quality, each component of welding technology have to observe. Although the briquette machine has concentrated advantages of various briquettes making equipment, only buy high-quality briquette machine can it play its function. Here, the research and production staff of briquette machine reminds customers that in the purchase of briquette, you must notice the processing technology.
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How can I get price of briquette machine?
After view web of Zhongzhou machinery, you found the idea briquette machine and get to know about its working principle, so you must want to price of briquette machine, right?
What affect the quality of coal briquettes?
Coal briquette machine can be used to press all powdery materials into briquettes such as coal powder and iron powder. There are many factors affecting the quality of coal briquettes like different briquetting methods, the nature of raw coal, the type of binder and the particle size of coal.
What is the negative infulence of binder in coal briquettes process?
It's a common sense that in the production process of coal briquette machine, a certain amount of binder will be added into materials to increase their mutual cohesion, thus achieving the ultimate goal of enhancing briquetting and using effect. First we need to know what's the influence of binder on briquette production.
How to judge the professional manufacturer of briquette machine?
First of all, the one professional briquette machinery manufacturer must be only produce briquette machine and the only equipment of briquettes production line, they never produce other kind machine which nothing to do with briquette machine, if the supplier produce various and different kind machines, such as stone crusher, ball mill, vibrate screen, sand making, cement making, and biomass pellet machine, they are all not professional briquette machine manufacturers, mostly they are the trading companies, or the small dealers, and also the no strength of manufacturers.